Accident Wii

accident wii

Une compilation des plus drôles accident de Wii. Car oui, la Wii de Nintendo est un sport dangereux qui cause de beaux accidents dans les foyers du monde entier. Heureusement, c’est toujours drôle!

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  1. Tawny :

    Lindsey, what wonderful perspective you’ve brought to this conversation! It seems easy to desire a mere return to childhood, because the past just seems better, but the kind of perfection in childlike qualities you’re describing requires real maturity. Being childlike in the way Jesus demanded must be about the right expression of what a child is… none of the false human conceptions included.We’ve all been children by default. Could it be that this human experience is about learning to be God’s children, by choice? And to be fathers? And mothers? And brothers and sister? and so onsb#230;  |&nb&p;&n8sp;

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